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Memphis Blues by W. C. Handy

“Thoroughly rehearsed and intoxicated by the new melody, my musicians arrived at Main and Madison riding in a band wagon and got set to play the blues to the general public for the first time in America… I flashed the sign and the boys gave.  Feet commenced to pat.  A moment later there was dancing on the sidewalks below.”
W. C. Handy
Father of the Blues

This street corner is in Memphis, Tennessee; the year was 1909.  The song Mr. Handy’s band played was called Mr. Crump, written to support the political career of mayoral candidate, Mr. E. H. Crump.  Three years later, in 1912, Handy published it as Memphis Blues.  

It has been a long time since the corner of Main & Madison heard this rousing melody.  But as cable cars screech and rumble past, we once again see feet tapping while Eddie performs his acoustic guitar version of Mr. Handy’s Memphis Blues.