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Ham Hound Crave by Rubin Lacy

About 1927, Son House saw Willie Wilson in Mattson, Mississippi playing with Rubin Lacy.  The experience gave Son the idea to start playing the guitar.  Son told the story to the writer Julius Lester back in 1965:

“...I saw a guy named Willie Wilson and another one named Rubin Lacy.  All before then, I just hated to see a guy with a guitar.  I was so churchy!  I came along to a little place they call Mattson, a little below Clarksdale.  It was on a Saturday and these guys were sitting out front of a place and they were playing.  Well, I stopped, because the people were all crowded around.  This boy, Willie Wilson, had a thing on his finger like a medicine bottle, and he was zinging it, you know...”

Son thought that really sounded good, and after that bought himself an old guitar for $1.50 from Frank Hopkins.  It had a broken back and was missing one string.  Son showed it to Willie who helped tape it up and put on another string.  Willie got Son an old bottle for his finger so he could "zing" it on the strings. Son had heard Willie play Hold up Sally, Take Your Big Legs Offa Mine, and that was the first song that Son learned.